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Lotion and Potions

Whether you are there for that fresh-start shower in the morning or for a relaxing bath at the end of a long day, our bathrooms should be places of clarity, calm, and hopefully, a bit of privacy! The bathroom closets and cabinets should be organized so that you can easily see what you have and what you need. The medicine chest should be well-stocked with all the first aid supplies your family needs, and pharmaceuticals that are not out of date.

Something I often see in client's bathrooms is too many hair and bath products lined up in the shower or in every corner of the bathtub, creating scum and mold in the moist environment. Their cabinets have become over-crowded with half-used bottles of shampoos, moisturizers, and bubble bath. The cabinets quickly become cluttered, especially when there is the big temptation to over-buy when something is on sale. No one likes waste, so my first tip to combat bathroom storage clutter is to use up all your half-finished products. You'll discover products and like me, you will find it enjoyable to "use something up." Best of all, your shelves and surfaces will become visible and clean again.

Once you have cleared the shelves of half-empty bottles, you'll enjoy the clarity of the space you have claimed back.

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