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End Your Day with a Clean Kitchen

Dinner has been served, and the dishwasher is partially loaded. A used skillet remains on the stove top and the broiler pan is soaking in the sink. It is tempting to shut the light out and retire to the couch to catch your favorite television program. If you do that, you'll be tempted to NOT return to the kitchen before heading off to sleep.

But trust me here, few things feel better than waking up to a clean kitchen. Take 15 minutes at the end of the evening to finish loading the dishwasher and clean out the sink. Spray and wipe down the counters, the dinner table (if you're lucky enough to have the family sit at it while eating),and any other surfaces. Swap out the dishtowel and replace it with a fresh one. If you've scrapped the plates and discarded food in the garbage can, tie up the bag and take it out of the kitchen to avoid any old food smells. Replace the liner.

You'll wake up in the morning to a fresh smelling clean space and ready for a cup of coffee and the day's food preparations.

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