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  • Patricia A. Bucek

From Clutter to Clarity

When I started living in a small apartment Monday through Friday while working in Pittsburgh, I learned very quickly the importance of "A place for everything, and everything in it's place." It is amazing how, when living in a small space, a pair of shoes left in the hallway, a coat thrown haplessly over the chair, and objects left on coffee tables and counter tops quickly contribute to a cluttered appearance.

By simply putting things away immediately after you use them, you'll eliminate the need to carve out time in your already busy day to "tidy up your place." This is particularly important in your workplace, when unexpected visitors and clients can pop in without much advance notice. A hurried sweep of your desktop can result in misplaced documents, deleted files, or coffee spilled on an important contract.

Clutter begets clutter. So set aside the habit of cluttering up your counter tops, closets, and shelves. Clear it, clean it, and contain it!

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